What features make a B2B travel portal essential for businesses
What features make a B2B travel portal essential for businesses 2 1

According to Stats, about 85% of travellers booked their travel through mobile devices in 2018, and 36 % of travellers paid more for customised information. In addition to that, about 57% of travellers prefer websites that have personalised information based on their previous bookings.

In this advanced technological world, you need more than just a website alone. You require other features as well in your B2B Travel Portal to help your travel agency flourish. 

Well, what can you do to help your business flourish?

Build a visually stunning website that is easy to access and use, and that will help your users to plan and book their trips with ease. 

So, today, we will be looking at all the crucial features that your B2B Travel Portal needs for your business. 

Let’s dive in!

What is the B2B Travel Portal?

A B2B travel portal is an online website providing white-label solutions for businesses to buy travel services that are available on websites like flights or hotels. It works as a centralised platform for travel agents to manage their bookings, payments, and even customer data.

Well, it offers a simplified process of buying and selling travel products, including flights or hotel rooms, between different businesses that are within the travel industry.

Top Essential Features Your B2B Travel Portal Must Have to Flourish 

Having good website features will allow your business to gain a competitive edge in this dynamic technology landscape. 

Do you want a B2B Travel Portal that your customer loves and that generate enough revenue?

Well, here are the top essential B2B Travel Portal features you must have for your business.

1. Responsive Website 

First up is the responsiveness of your website. 

Ask yourself, how responsive is your website?

According to Statista, in 2023, the number of people using smartphones in the world currently is 6.92 billion. 

So, having a mobile-friendly site makes it crucial to for your travel industry to flourish. A responsive site makes your users easy to navigate because it emphasises the products or services you are offering. Also, even first-time users can easily understand without having to struggle while they are trying to book your services. 

It also provides a seamless and convenient experience for your clients or customers, making them loyal customers. 

2. Google Map integration

Secondly, your B2B Travel Portal should give your customers quick information on nearby areas of interest as well. It is a great way to earn your user’s trust as well as to hook them because travellers search for places and nearby restaurants where they can stay and eat authentic cuisines. 

So, ensure that your travel apps are providing all these features to benefit your business. Moreover, having a successful GPS is like hitting a jackpot, giving your b2b travel app a different kind of look and experience for your customers. 

3. Payment Options

Well, finalisation is when there is payment. So, be sure to keep your payment gateways simple and easy while allowing your customers to enter only some crucial details. 

If you have simplified payment methods, then your B2B Travel Portal is great! Also, keep your booking process easy and quick. Also, build a travel apps that support different types of payment methods, such as credit cards, bank transfers, and online payment gateways. All these features in your app will enhance security and convenient transactions. 

4. In-Built App Translator

Do you want your users to feel valued?

You can do so by building an in-built app translator for your B2B Travel Portal. You can have customers from across the globe speaking different languages, making your app a high-end that makes clients feel special. 

However these application features may be challenging, but integrating them into your app can be the most helpful and innovative feature. You can use applications such as Google Translate or iTranslate so your travellers can check up on your services in their languages. 

5. Good Customer Care 

Your travel app should have 24/7 customer care services where they can dial up for any assistance for any issues they are going through. Well, this customer service allows your clients to get quick results for any issues they are going through rather than sending an email and waiting for help. 

Well, most customers prefer to get specific queries and doubts clear instantly, so add a small chat box and emergency numbers in your B2B Travel Portal for them to send any questions they have. Hence, these will bring you and your customers together, which is beneficial for your business to flourish.

6. Reviews and Rating

Reviews and ratings can help build credibility and enhance your business perception in the minds of people. Moreover, people prefer to read about customers’ reviews or ratings before they book their vacation trips or hotels. 

So, ask for reviews from your customers after they leverage your services so you know which area you need improvement. 


To conclude, get ahead of your game by integrating these advanced features into your B2B Travel Portal to increase your customer retention and conversion rate. Nowadays, customers want a more straightforward and more easy to navigate website, so be sure to make your site accessible and easy to use without having to seek any help. 

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