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Our Products

Beds Value is a User-friendly B2B portal that offers 300,000 hotels and over 5,000 destinations worldwide for its global travel agents and agencies. B2B clients all over the globe can choose from the massive inventory that includes luxurious hotels, penthouses and international hotel chains, lavish resorts, and city-centre properties with this mobile-responsive and seamless platform.

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The B2B product of LeEnticing Global allows travel agents from around the globe to apply for visas for different countries online on this website without the hassle of exchanging essential documents of their clients over email. The website allows a secure connection where the agents can upload the documents in a secure environment and apply for visas for the clients in a few clicks.

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The world’s only website where you can book accommodation from 1 night to 365 nights. The website showcases all kinds of Hotel Apartments, Penthouses, and Villas around the globe to make your leisure and business trips comfortable.

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