Terms & conditions

These Booking Terms & Conditions apply to the Client as defined in the Agent Commercial Agreement (the “Agency Agreement”), herein referred to as “you”. In the event of any conflict between the terms of these Booking Terms & Conditions and those of the Agency Agreement, these Booking Terms and Conditions will prevail. 

The Website Policies and Terms & Conditions would be changed or updated occasionally to meet the requirements and standards. Therefore the Customers must be notified about these changes as well as the Payment Gateway Provider.

1. Bookings

i. Bookings can be made through the following:

ii. Bookings should be made only for genuine reservations. LeEnticing Global reserves, at our absolute discretion, the right to cancel FIT bookings made by the agency if they appear to have been made for the purpose of “holding space” for future sale or otherwise made in bad faith or contrary to this agreement

iii. Bookings should be made only for genuine reservations. LeEnticing Global reserves, at our absolute discretion, the right to cancel FIT bookings made by the agency if they appear to have been made for the purpose of “holding space” for future sale or otherwise made in bad faith or contrary to this agreement

iv. It is your responsibility to check all special conditions & important information of the bookings.

v. It is your responsibility to ensure that all information in the bookings is correct.

You will be liable for any charges incurred due to incorrect information given on the booking.

vi. LeEnticing Global voucher, which will be issued to clients via e-mail should be issued and given to the traveler at all times. Any voucher manually issued from your side will be your responsibility. LeEnticing Global should be notified prior to arrival if travelers are not carrying any voucher otherwise, LeEnticing Global will not be responsible for any inconvenience/charges caused to the travelers because of not having the voucher.

vii. All booking cancellations are subjected to the cancellation conditions of the booking.

viii. All booking amendments are subjected to the amendment policy stated on the booking if there is any otherwise, it will follow the same deadlines & charges of the cancellation condition.

ix. Any requests such as early check in, late check-out, high floors, adjoining, interconnecting, non-smoking and others alike will be requested from the hotel but, cannot be guaranteed.

x. Bedding type should be requested at the time of booking and is subjected to hotel’s availability.

xi. If a triple room is booked, the extra bed provided by the hotel is commonly a roll-away bed.

xii. When you wish to extend your booking, please add a new item under the same booking code and you must inform us via remarks or email about the extension.

xiii. It is your responsibility to add and train ‘agents’ or users under your account and to monitor all their bookings. You will be responsible for all payments due on such bookings.

xiv. In the occasion where hotel is under renovation, all possible steps will be taken to limit disruptions to the guests. If the hotel is carrying out renovation while guests are in-house, this will not entitle you to any refunds.

xv. We guarantee only the first night of the booking. Hotels may release the rooms after midnight on the day of arrival. If your guests are arriving late, it is your responsibility to inform us via remarks, email or contact the emergency number for last minutes changes, so we can advise the hotel to hold the rooms.

xvi. Double bookings may results in both bookings being charged.

xvii. Most hotels request for a credit card/cash to be given at the time of check in as guarantee for any extras which they will refund upon check out. LeEnticing Global is not responsible for the extras incurred by the guests.

xviii. Bookings can be made in multiple currencies such as Emirati Dirham, Saudi Arabian Riyal, Qatari Riyal, Kuwaiti Dinar, Euro, British Pound, United States Dollars, Indian Rupees.

ixx. Bookings can be made using Mastercard, Visa, Amex & Diners.

xx. Bookings are not permissible from sanctioned countries such as Afghanistan, Israel, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

2. Rates

i. The rates or prices at the time of booking confirmation will always prevail and your invoices will be raised according to this

ii. Hotels may offer special walk in rates from time to time according to their occupancy.

On this occasion, we will not be entertaining any rate complaints if their published rate goes lower than LeEnticing Global rates.

iii. Any amendment done on a booking confirmed on a special rate, minimum/long-stay promotions may incur rate change. This is also applicable to no-shows.

iv. Mark-ups, handling fees and commissions are not applicable on cancelled bookings with charges.

v. There may be an additional charge for service booked outside the normal hours, which will be communicated to you prior to service date.

3. Payments and invoices

i. All bookings’ invoices will be issued on the booking’s arrival date. Payment is due as per the number of days specified in your Agency Agreement.

ii. Any invoice queries should be raised no later than 15 days after the arrival date.

iii. We reserve the right to suspend/block your system access, cancel all future bookings and/or terminate the contract if payments are not made as per the agreed period or deadline.

iv. Payments made by credit card cannot be cancelled without cause.

v. In the event of any cancellation by you, the cancellation policies of the relevant hotels may be applied to the cancellation and passed on to you, in which case any hotel cancellation charges that LeEnticing Global incurs will be payable by you to LeEnticing Global as a debt immediately due and payable, or applied to the credit card you have provided.

4. Liability

i. Other than as is specified in this agreement LeEnticing Global is making no representations, undertakings or warranties to Client of any kind, and in particular (without limitation)

ii. LeEnticing Global is making no representations, undertakings or warranties in relation to the LeEnticing Global Inventory including as to the description of the LeEnticing Global Inventory and availability of the LeEnticing Global Inventory and has no liability in relation to those matters;

iii. Any information provided on the Website in relation to the LeEnticing Global Inventory is provided as general information and LeEnticing Global shall not be liable if any such information is incorrect or inaccurate in any respect;

iv. is making no representations or warranties in relation to the Booking System and is not liable in any respect for any failure of the Booking System;

LeEnticing Global is not liable for any Loss or any kind arising directly or indirectly out of the action of any hotel, transport company or any other person providing services comprised in the LeEnticing Global Inventory.

v. To the fullest extent permitted by law, you waive any rights of action or claims relating to or arising from the use of a credit card for the purposes of making a booking on the LeEnticing Global website. Furthermore, you will fully indemnify and hold harmless LeEnticing Global against all claims, actions or disputes brought against LeEnticing Global by any credit card holder (“Claimant”) relating to or arising from a booking made on the LeEnticing Global website by you using the Claimant’s credit card.

vi. Any disputes arising shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the International law.

5. Child Policy

i. Child/children should always be added on the booking and/or LeEnticing Global should be informed prior to arrival date if there is/are any children coming with the parents. Hotels have different child policies & charges. Failure to do so may result in the guests being charged for the extra child/children or not being accommodated.

ii. If meals are included on your booking, the property commonly provides meals for children aged 2 years old and below free of charge, children between 3-12 years old are commonly subject to extra meal charges, depending on the property.

iii. For any transfers booking, if you are travelling with babies or infants, it is the responsibility of the guests to ensure they have the correct child/infant seat for use in the booked vehicle. Failure to do this could result in the service not taking place with no refund possible.

6. Transfers

i. All vehicles provided are based on 1 piece of medium-sized luggage per person. You have to inform us beforehand if your guests are planning to carry a bigger or more than 1 luggage per person as we may need to arrange a larger vehicle for this, with an extra cost. Failure to inform us may results in the driver charging your guests directly for any extras incurred.

ii. Waiting time for the driver is 1 hour, guests need to be at the meeting point at least 5 minutes prior to the confirmed pick up time, if guests fail to show at the meeting point after an hour, driver will be released and service will be charged in full. For airport pickup, driver waiting time is 1 hour after the flight has landed.

iii. It is your responsibility to update the details of your transfer booking through the system in case of any changes; and inform us accordingly prior to the service date so we can advise our suppliers/drivers.

For any last minutes changes, please ask your clients to contact the emergency number given on the voucher.

iv. Guests should be aware of the meeting point stated on the voucher and call the emergency number written on the voucher if they cannot locate the driver at the meeting point.

7. Book Outs

i. In situations where hotel is required to close due to reasons such as overbooking, system errors, government taking over the hotel/property for their use and other force majeure, LeEnticing Global will endeavor to find a suitable alternative accommodation for your guests. LeEnticing Global will try to offer alternative of the same category and location, whenever possible. You will be invoiced as per the hotel or accommodation bearing the lower cost.

8. Complaints

i. Any booking complaints should be raised no later than 30 days after departure date.

ii. All complaints should be supported with proofs. Any unsupported complaints will not be entertained.

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