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About LeEnticing Global

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LeEnticing Global is a hospitality company that comprises different products, namely BedsValue – Online B2B BedBank, Enticing Apartments – World First B2C online system to book long-term accommodation, Visa Imprint – B2B Online Visa System.


LeEnticing Global, an active and innovative company that provides B2B travel services, wishes to carve out a position in the B2B market.


BedsValue, as a flagship product, is an online B2B hotel booking service with over 400K hotels, 200K apartments, and the ability to book transfers and activities tours worldwide.


Enticing Apartments is the world’s first B2C online system for booking long-term accommodation in different parts of the world.


Visa Imprint is again a B2B product of LeEnticing Global, which offers its distribution network a hassle-free way to apply for visas for countries that provide E-Visa for guests travelling to the nations


LeEnticing as a company offers all kinds of hospitality needs which is an essential requirement around the globe.


Our Supply Partner

We benefit from our vast worldwide distribution network, which includes big established online shops, traditional retail travel agencies, corporate travel managers, dinner apps, tourism boards, and wholesalers.


A professional and devoted team of technology, contracts, sales, operations, finance, and marketing specialists drives and supports the LeEnticing Global Marketplace, where travel suppliers and travel sellers effortlessly interact to sell and acquire travel content.


The process of bringing together multiple hotels and ground services over several destinations in a way that adds value to suppliers’ businesses and then distributing that content to a global network of numerous travel companies over the source markets in ways that meet their needs is a complex and technical ecosystem.

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Our Distribution Partners

Access to the company’s enormous inventory of travel products is obtained via market-leading, trade-only booking websites or simple and intuitive API connections.

A distribution partner is any person or party who has been granted permission by an original party to promote, distribute, resell, or otherwise supply the original party’s products and services to a broader or more particular market.


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