the 11 best places to visit in switzerland

What comes to your mind when you hear the name Switzerland?


Well, those picturesque landscapes? Is it those incredible mountains and valleys covered in wildflowers? 

Yes! We are talking about those glacier-filled mountains, the sweet murmuring of the waterfalls, the cultured-filled culture, and the magnificent meadows. The land of Switzerland has a lot to offer you. 


So, before you jump right into the trip, we have compiled a list of some of the best places you can visit to create the most credible memories. 


Here are the best 11 places you can visit!

Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

1. Zurich 


What is better than visiting the most vibrant city, Zurich? The city offers an attractive place to stay with many unique locations to explore. You can explore Lake Zurich, the Alps on the horizon, and many local recreational areas you can explore. 


The city is more than just a place for flourishing banks and shopping; instead, it has a rich history dating back to the Romans. 


Are you planning your trip to Zurich?


Come and join one of Switzerland’s wildest, the techno-pumping Street Parade, in mid-August. 


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2. Lake Lucerne 


You want to walk beside the lake with the buzz of city life beside it but can’t put your finger on which place to visit.


We got the right place for you- the Lake Lucerne. Take a stroll at sunset when the sky is a golden red and pink hue with the serene lake at the side and the bustling of city life at the other. 


This lake stretches for about 43 square miles, allowing you to either boat through it, hike around, and even stay at the finest resorts or hotels nearby the lake. 

Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

3. Interlaken


Do you love adventure?

Hop on the train and explore the town of Interlaken, between the lake Thun and Lake Brienz. There is nothing short of activities out here for adventurous individuals like you. You can do all the fun activities like hiking, skiing, paragliding, and skydiving. 


Pack up your things and create your last memories in the beautiful town surrounded by majestic mountains. 

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4. Quinten 

Are you looking to explore the car-free wine town in Switzerland?

Well, you should visit the Quinten town. The town is also referred to as the Riviera of Eastern Switzerland. With its mild weather and protection by the gorgeous mountains, it is the perfect place to explore it. 

The best part is the town is only reachable by boat, the perfect place for wine, culture, and nature lovers. 

5. Oeschinen Lake 

Like many other lakes, the mountains in the Swiss are covered in snow-capped and alpine meadows; there are always fun activities to do here, too. Come and explore yet another UNESCO Heritage Site, the Oeschinen Lake. 

Create lasting memories with your loved ones by indulging in fun outdoor activities, from hiking and biking to ice fishing in the winter. 

6. Lavaux Vineyard

Do you want to taste the exotic flavour of wine?

You probably don’t want to miss this out! Well, visit the Lavaux Vineyard, another UNESCO Heritage Site. Lavaux has one of the largest joining vineyard farms, nearly 2000 acres. 

Pack your things and visit this incredible place with a gorgeous landscape and the bonus of tasting divine wine. 

7. Stoos 

What is more mesmerising than climbing the tallest landscape and feeling like you are on top of the world? Are you looking to experience that?

Hop in and head to Stoos, a town located 4,265 feet. Not just that! The village is car-free, and what is more captivating is the funicular railway, which is one of the steepest on earth. 

8. Geneva

What is more mesmerising than being in a place where some top international organisations exist?

Well, come to Geneva, a place where travellers can muse themselves in the streets filled with some of the luxurious stores. Moreover, it also has a United Nations European headquarters and the International Committee of the Red Cross. 

Shop some iconic watches and luxurious goods in Geneva and explore what this incredible city offers you. 

9. Rhine Falls

What is a better way to connect with Mother Nature than visiting the Rhine Falls? Have a better connection with nature by visiting Europe’s largest waterfall.

Boat facilities are also available, so take a boat ride to experience a closer look. 

10. Bern 

Many think Zurich is the capital of Switzerland. However, Bern is the old capital of Switzerland. The city has retained the old and new Medieval architecture and cobbled streets adorned with local restaurants, boutiques, and bars.

Take a trip to Bern to experience what the old capital of Switzerland has to offer you. 

11. Swiss National Park

The country of Switzerland is known for its incredible picturesque nature. Come and explore the scenic beauty of this beautiful country by visiting the Swiss National Park. The park is located at Engadin Valley, stretching about 68 square miles. It is the most incredible place to create life-long memories—housing animals like marmots, ibexes, golden eagles and many more. 


Take a trip to this incredible country and make lifelong memories a tale to tell. Book your trip with LeEnticing Global at a genuine price, and don’t miss out on embarking on this journey to Switzerland with our top-notch travel booking services. 

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