B2B Travel Portal
B2B Travel Portal

Every travel agency needs an online booking engine, and B2B Travel Portal is one of them. It offers a white-label solution that gives travel agencies and tour operators access to real-time online reservations and availability on the most user-friendly booking engine platform. CRM enables you to review your database to determine the kind of clients you have, the types of travel they enjoy, how frequently they travel each year, and when they travel.

You may segment your client database for marketing using this easy procedure.


The following reasons will demonstrate why a CRM system is essential for your B2B Travel Portals


CRM system improves your whole business in addition to helping travel companies with sales. The best thing is that your clients will also like its advantages. Let’s examine the primary reasons for a CRM in a B2B travel portal:


  • Organise Your Customer Base

No matter how big or small your B2B Travel Portal is, ensure your client’s data is handled carefully. All of their notes, travel information, specifications, and any tasks you need to do is saved in a CRM. You can provide better service if you know more about your clients. You’ll be able to build stronger bonds with your customers, making it simpler to boost customer loyalty and raise customer lifetime value.


  • Mark your customers and concentrate your marketing efforts

Not only will taking this action increase your sales, but it will also enable you to spend less on marketing initiatives. It is simple. CRM enables B2B Travel Portals to review your database to determine your clients, the types of travel they enjoy, how frequently they travel each year, and when they travel. You may segment your client database for marketing using this easy procedure. Personalise your emails with suggestions depending on user behaviour.

You may improve your offerings by predicting whether or not someone will purchase your service. With this knowledge, you may locate more sales possibilities and make wiser judgments.


  • Your Task Manager

Consider that you have to plan an Andalusia excursion for one of your clients. You must reserve lodging, transportation, and meals. Obtaining their last payment, sending their documentation, and collecting their final deposit. Therefore, imagine CRM as a task manager. It will alert you to these outstanding jobs, even displaying them in a pipeline view. You’ll be better able to prioritise your chores, remember all you need to complete, and manage your time. Forget about reminders and post-its.

Finally, it will provide you with some mental comfort.


  • Track Your Performance

CRM enables you to assess the state of your business quickly. How many bookings did you make, how many sales did you make, and what are your earnings and losses? You may analyse your company’s performance with this kind of software. It provides you with a better understanding of what is happening in your company right now. Once you have the information, develop a customised plan to meet your unique requirements.


  • Smooth Workflow

Imagine if a client’s flight was delayed and you needed to make a last-minute alteration. Do you still recall the flight’s identification? Probably not. However, if you have a CRM in the B2B Travel Portal, you’ll need to enter the client’s name to retrieve all their information quickly. Not only will streamlining your job be advantageous to you, but it will also enable you to give your customers better service. Additionally, it aids in reducing terrible human blunders.


  • Your operational emails more quickly

You’ll almost certainly need to meet your customers, remind them to bring everything, and send hundreds of emails with flight information. Increase this process’s speed. Don’t waste any more time. Emails that are dull and lifeless are over. Personalise your consumer communications by creating a template for your itinerary, reservations, emails, and bundles. Knowing your consumer base’s information makes it simpler to tailor your message to them and forge stronger connections.


Important Features in a B2B Travel Portal CRM


  • Pre-trip Planning

You may use a travel site CRM to organise your trip, from reserving hotels to scheduling meetings and events.


  • Follow-up after the Trip

After the trip, you can follow up with your connections to find out what they learned and whether they’re interested in doing business with you again by using a B2B travel portal CRM to assist you in managing your relationships.


  • Consumer Assistance

By managing client data centrally rather than being dispersed across many systems, a B2B travel portal CRM helps you to deliver superior customer care. Additionally, it enables you to deal with consumer complaints before they escalate.


  • Sales Pipeline Administration

You can monitor your sales funnel by following leads and opportunities throughout each step of your lifetime. You may also keep track of prospects who are interested in purchasing your business.


  • Built-in Calendar

You can easily keep track of all your activities at once, including meetings with clients and gatherings with staff, thanks to a B2B Travel Portal CRM’s integration with Google Calendar.


The advantages of a B2B Travel Portal CRM to grow your Business


One of the essential aspects of B2B, particularly when it comes to maintaining client loyalty, is the B2B travel portal CRM.


  • Observe your clients’ preferences

You need the means to record consumer preferences if you want to be able to provide them with their preferred benefits and services. In this situation, the B2B travel portal CRM is functional.


  • Assists in fostering ties with clients

It assists in gathering consumer data so that you can establish a relationship with them depending on how they like their travels to proceed. As a result, they are more inclined to come back!


  • Makes reservations and bookings easier

CRMs for B2B travel portals let you make reservations for your clients without manually entering all the necessary data.


  • Offers in-depth statistics on your company

B2B travel portals CRM provide comprehensive statistics on everything from your sales figures to the kind of customers making reservations with you so you can identify the improvements or what areas are currently performing well!


  • Keeps your staff members safe

While they are on board, you may keep track of their locations and learn about the neighbourhood, including any dangers or crises that might be present in the area they are visiting.


How Does Travel CRM Software Operate?


B2B Travel Portal CRM aims to assist you in handling the requirements of your travel clients, from reserving hotels and flights to administering their loyalty programmes. Here is how it goes:

  • For each traveller, a profile is built. You may provide their information in this profile, such as their name, email address, phone number, passport number, etc.
  • You may add your customer to the appropriate profile on the system when you answer a question or make a reservation on their behalf, making it a part of their record. When they’re ready to make another reservation, you’ll have a history of each client’s travels, including where they’ve been and with whom they’ve travelled. Additionally, it spots any behavioural trends that can point to unmet needs in the future.
  • The system makes it simple for you to immediately pull up your clients’ details when it comes time to book or inquire about a new trip for one of them and ensure everything is accurate before making any final decisions on what should happen next.
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