online booking platform
online booking platform

The online booking platform is an excellent approach to expanding your database. It enables b2b travel agents to book at a time that is most convenient for them. It allows you total control over the booking process and the experience of your travel agents and the ability to test alternative pricing and revenue management tactics.


What is meant by online booking platform?


An online booking platform solution and reservation system enabling travel agents to book tours and activities online is known as an online booking platform. Some of these systems also include tour operator reporting tools and other user-friendly features to assist you in increasing efficiency and making reservations. It enables B2B travel agents to book hotels directly on the website or via a booking link.


7 essential features of online booking platform


The 7 most essential features of online booking platform are as follows:

  1. Real-time reservations

A contact form on your website is fine but does not offer the booker confidence in their future holiday. Make this ‘possible holiday’ a sure thing by using an online booking form. Travel agents can reserve a space with you by paying the deposit. They are eager and certain to book their hotel.


  1. Different currencies and languages

Most leisure activity organizers also seek to get out to overseas travel agents. As a result, it is of the utmost importance for them to be able to book in at least English, preferably in their language, and to pay in their currency. Finally, if a travel agent cannot comprehend what or how he may book due to a language barrier, he may book with a rival.


  1. Emails that are sent automatically

From booking confirmations to feedback demands, automation maintains everybody on the same page. A customizable online booking reservation that can send reminders, give travel suggestions, and route travel agents to nearby restaurants and activities save time and personnel. Everyone may go on to something else after the emails have been prepared and scheduled.


  1. Inventory Management

Every successful online booking platform requires an effective inventory and resource management system. Booking errors or double bookings are classic ways to lose loyal travel agents, and a lack of resources is an easy way to produce bad internet comments. All bookings and resources required for such bookings should be promptly accounted for by your booking software across all distribution platforms. All of this is achievable through the admin area of the booking system.


  1. Digital Marketing

You should have a marketing portal that allows you to market your portal with the current and impending new bargains and promotional activities that you are likely to advertise via social media, and you should have a feature that allows you to post and unpublished recent activities. Social media integration in your booking systems lets your travel agents easily connect to your social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  1. Mobile responsive

Because smartphones make the most of an online booking platform, having a mobile-friendly booking engine is the best way to enhance your conversion rates. Your booking system should deliver a great customer experience, which means it should be simple to use and responsive across all common platforms, including mobile phones, desktop computers, laptop computers, and tablets.


  1. Finishes the Payments

With the adoption of an online booking platform, it becomes much easier to automate the booking procedure and the completion of transactions for your services. As a result, you will make jobs easier and dramatically improve the whole business management system. Furthermore, you will gain greatly if your travel agents buy extra items or services while organizing or maintaining their booking online. Indeed, this may be a big source of giving your organization the greatest services and increasing income.


Should you utilize an online booking platform?


When considering software, consider the initial commitment, both in time and money and the prospective reward to your firm. There is a learning curve with a booking system. However, the top online booking platform should give you all the assistance required to get started. And given all you stand to gain, it’s a no-brainer. Online booking systems are boosting the current and future volume of bookings for all types of enterprises.


How does an online booking platform work?


A cloud-based online booking platform is used. It connects to your website and social media profiles. This happens: A travel agent visits the website and fills out an integrated booking form to arrange an appointment. They enter their contact information and choose a time and date from the calendar. Leaving your website is necessary for your travel agent to select the sort of service the meeting is for and quickly pay any consultation costs.


Meetings that have been scheduled are automatically added to your calendar


You will receive a notice or an email, depending on how it is configured. So that no one misses the appointment, the online booking platform sends emails and notification reminders to both parties. You may view the number of meetings scheduled, notifications, who needs to be invoiced, and staff activity on your end.

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