Travel Portal Development
Travel Portal Development

Travel Portal Development gives Travel Agents the greatest experience at the tip of their fingers through a refined B2B travel app, making their travel experience convenient and memorable. It is significant for B2B travel businesses because it helps them achieve efficiency, consistency, information access, and responsiveness. It ensures their website experience is consistent across different platforms, such as desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.


What is meant by Travel Portal Development?


Travel Portal Development is online travel software that includes a comprehensive package for configuring hotels in the travel portals of travel agents, travel agencies, and travel management businesses to improve the travel agent experience. It assists B2B travel agencies in managing their package customization, booking, quotation management, and itinerary design to enhance B2B travel product bookings. It is a one-stop travel service that offers a complete answer for all B2B travel needs.

It aids in the expansion of your B2B travel agency.


What is the need of Travel Portal Development?


Effective travel portal development provides features such as maps, the most recent news, tour suggestions, tour operators, and weather updates, among other things. Increased reservations will come from a better experience; this creates a more positive consumer experience. It is great for B2B travel businesses looking for versatile, user-friendly solutions to automate and govern their operations online. Your industry knowledge and this sophisticated technology will provide you with the resources you need to accelerate your business over the web.


Types of Travel Portal Development


There are 2 types of Travel Portal Development:


  1. White Label Travel Portal

Travel agents may swiftly and easily offer hotels and other travel-related products to their travel agents using the White Label Travel Portal, an online booking gateway. This straightforward procedure has raised interest in white-label travel portals. To ensure the smooth operation of their organization, they may also handle all of their financial activities online and run various reports.


  1. Travel API Integration

Travel API Integration enables B2B travel agencies to present their travellers with an updated hotel inventory from various consolidators. You may use it to present the best hotel choices to travel agents. Business operations are automated, and data exchange and integration across multiple applications and systems are improved.


What does Travel Portal Development consists of?


  • Travel API Integration

Access to hundreds of offers from third parties is made simple and transparent through interfaces with travel APIs. By providing a large range of travel items as standalone services or bundles, you can establish yourself as the preferred online destination for B2B travellers.


  • Extranet

The extranet improves travellers’ success and streamlines the booking process, previously severely hampered by the manual hotel reservation procedure. You may run your company under your own rules and regulations if you own it. B2B travel agents handle their content and inventory using a type of CMS (Content Management System).


  • Meta Search Engine

Travel agents can save time using meta search engines since data from numerous sources is available in one location, saving them from visiting several websites and conducting their searches for deals. It is a unique search tool that shows the most current rates for a wide range of hotels in a certain area. Travellers will find the booking procedure more convenient due to comparing rates quickly.


  • Tour CMS (Content Management System)

Our dynamic CMS enables you to create and change content for the website from the homepage to the destination page, including packages and goods. Tour CMS assists inbound, outbound, and domestic tour operators in publishing their travel packages.


  • Custom Development

Travel agents may extend their services as their businesses expand to meet their travel agents’ demands using bespoke Travel Portal Development. It automates everyday business procedures so one may focus on the primary business requirements while saving time.


  • White Label Travel Portal

A B2B travel agency may offer hotels to its travellers using its name and branding by employing a white-label travel portal. This straightforward procedure has raised interest in white-label travel portals.


Benefits of B2B Travel Portal Development


  • Automatic confirmation and booking

Travel Portal Development gives travel agents the data they require. They can browse online booking options and select their chosen tour location. They have complete freedom to modify the reservation whenever they wish.


  • Cost Efficient

The price varies from case to case depending on the functions, features, complexity, and time required constructing a gateway. But there is no denying that it is highly cost- and pocket-friendly.


  • Reduced Cost of Maintenance

Hosting and domain name fees are not additional expenses when creating your B2B travel portal. Additionally, you do not need to pay for upkeep and improvements or recruit a staff of developers. It implies that your website will require less upkeep than other websites.


  • Collaboration with a Global Travel Service Provider

It is significant for travel companies to partner with a global travel service provider to develop a B2B travel portal because doing so increases efficiency, consistency, information access, and responsiveness and ensures that users have a consistent browsing experience across all devices, including desktops, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.


  • Booking Administration

One of the essential services in creating a travel site is booking administration. You can keep track of your reservations and make any required modifications with its assistance. This service also assists you in keeping track of the accommodations you have reserved for your travellers, such as hotels and other amenities.


6 Essential Features for B2B Travel Portal


  1. Create an Android/iOS App

A B2B travel website that is responsive to mobile devices is a thing of the past. Today’s B2B travel agents are picky and devoted to businesses that can provide them with a flawless mobile browsing experience. When planning a trip or making reservations for travel, travellers can use mobile applications to browse a wide range of possibilities.


  1. Responsive Design

By offering a consistent, user-friendly online experience across all devices, a responsive B2B travel portal will ensure you are available for potential travellers at all points in their tour-planning process.


  1. Easy Search Filters

Simple search filters should be included on the B2B travel website. They must include additional details about the reservation mechanism. A search filter should simplify choosing a destination country, a tour date, and a hotel selection.


  1. Integration with Google Maps

It’s like finding the gold mine when integration with Google Maps is successful; this significantly expands the market for travel-related apps. When a traveler arrives at a destination, the first thought that comes to mind is a comfortable place to stay. Discovering delicious local food is also crucial. If your app can hint at local locations to entice the user, nothing compares to it.


  1. Inserting Attractive Images

By showcasing appealing pictures of the location or hotel rooms, you may persuade them to make reservations. Many prosperous B2B hotel booking websites make good use of this feature by presenting a few of the greatest images of the area to draw in travel agents.


  1. Payment Gateway

It is only useful if your website offers a direct payment channel. There is only a finalized trip itinerary after making the payment. Keep your payment gateway straightforward with only the most crucial information required. Your payment gateway must refrain from asking for further information. Travellers may become disinterested in booking and stop using your website for future reservations if it takes less time.

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